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Saturday, April 2nd

Introduction to functional thinking, assessment and treatment (Dr. Sandstrøm)

We don’t treat conditions or diagnoses. We treat humans with functional deficits. Remembering this when we examine, manage and treat our patients, can completely change our outlook. Learn to expect immediate changes with treatment and think in principles of functional recovery, and you will be able to integrate all your treatment options in a much better way. I will show examples of a range of different treatments can dramatically and immediately change pain, range of motion and strength


Setting our patients up for success (Dr. Sandstrøm)

Most patients don’t see us for pain – they want us to change their lives. If pain had been their driver, chronic patients would have come to us years ago; but they generally end up in our office when their pain has gotten in the way of their day to day life and activities. Using targeted measurable outcomes that are agreed with our patients came massively affect their response to treatment and their ability to get back to the lives they want to live. This should drive how we communicate with our patients as the words we use can either help or hinder their progress.

Sunday, April 3rd

Functional Muscle Testing (Dr. Sandstrøm)

Muscles protect us from everything life throws at us by providing strength, control, flexibility and stability. Manual muscle testing is a much underused tool in assessing our patients robustness and can give us a valuable insight into how their neuromuscular control is really working. Seeing immediate changes in muscle function is a revelation not just for the chiropractor but also for the patient. This technique is not Applied Kinesiology, but rooted in known neurological principles and can be applicable by any practitioner, regardless of treatment techniques and paradigms. If you’re not testing your patient’s strength – you’re missing a key component to their ability to withstand day to day activities and loads.


Functional Neurology Fundamentals (Dr. Vannetiello)

Functional neurology represents the easiest and most innovative method to deal with central and peripheral nervous system issues. It doesn’t involve use of drugs, simply because pharmaceuticals probably won’t ever get to the level of specificity that is reached by stimulating neurological pathways in the same natural way as they develop, evolve and maintain. The functional neurology practitioners around the world recognize to prof. Ted Carrick the vision of having noticed and interpreted the state of the art neurology knowledge and utilized them in a functional way. In this workshop you’ll see how use the Functional Neurology approach during a first visit for a patient with very common complaint and increase exponentially the benefits of your adjustments. This is going to be a very practical workshop, You’ll be able to apply this knowledge as of Monday morning in your practice.


Dr Ulrik Sandstrøm has worked in elite sport for over 2 decades and has started his 11th season with Leicester Tigers Rugby Team. He worked in the London 2012 and the Rio 2016 Olympic Athletes Village Polyclinics and has worked with a large range of elite athletes from UK Athletics, Chelsea FC, England Rugby, GB Basketball, GB Swimming. He has lectured extensively on sports chiropractic, manual muscle testing and taping and is a senior lecturer for the FICS ICCSP programme. Whilst being in increasing demand as a sports chiropractor and international lecturer, he still continues in clinical practice in Sheffield and Mansfield.


Dr Luca Vannetiello Medical doctor (ITA, 2000) and chiropractor (USA, 2003), Dr Vannetiello has worked for the last 15+ years in his hometown Nola (Naples). From 2012 he has been following a Functional Neurology graduate studies program at the Carrick Institute. Thanks to his Functional Neurology studies Dr Vannetiello regularly deals with developmental issues, including autism spectrum conditions. In 2017 he published a case report of a recovered child.

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