Chiropractic in neurodevelopment

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 h. 8.00 pm – 10.00 (GMT +2h)
EAC/CPD Accredited

Neurodevelopment is hierarchical. Complex cognitive and neurological functions need, in order to function properly, earlier hierarchical phases to have structured adequately. Otherwise, when disrupted, the complexity of human expression will be less efficacious. For academic purposes, the neurodevelopment is explained through mainly 2 streams that are connected:

  1. Neurological development: referring to pure neurological functions (Sensory-Motor)
  2. Cognitive development: referring to emotional-cognitive expression.

The webinar will focus on the first aspect of the neurodevelopment, the neurological one, in particularly the primitive reflexes. Those baby’s involuntary reactions that should gradually disappear during the first year of life. The attendees will learn how to check them and what are the causes/consequences of their presence after the first year of life.

Dr Luca Vannetiello Medical doctor (ITA, 2000) and chiropractor (USA, 2003), Dr Vannetiello has worked for the last 15+ years in his hometown Nola (Naples). From 2012 he has been following a Functional Neurology graduate studies program at the Carrick Institute. Thanks to his Functional Neurology studies Dr Vannetiello regularly deals with developmental issues, including autism spectrum conditions. In 2017 he published a case report of a recovered child.