Cranial keys for the chiropractor

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 h. 8.00 pm – 10.00 (GMT +2h)
EAC/CPD Accredited

The webinar is designed to show chiropractors the importance of understanding cranial dynamics and its influence on the spine at all ages. Dr. Amaya Alonso will take us on a journey of exploration of the cranium starting from a general review of the anatomy. Topic as craneal motion, meningeal system and basic movements of the CSF will be covered. Once We understand what is “normal”, we can easily see when/where there is something wrong in the cranial dynamics and how that influences the whole spine through the dural attachments. Dr. Alonso will show the mayor craneal distortion that we see in our daily practice. The goal of the webinar is to see them, understand them and learn how to release them.

Dr Amaya Alonso graduated from Life Chiropractic College West 2004. She is the founder and owner of Quirosum Chiropractic Center, a beacon for Family health in the south of Spain. Amaya has followed: Certificate program with ICPA, Academy for functional pediatrics, peak potential institute, SOT, and many more seminars. She keeps learning from the best teachers in Chiropractic and family health, with special focus on the Cranium. She is a BGI Master and was part of the BGI staff with Sue Brown (DC). She has a Postgraduate degree in Odontology and Posturology in UCAM (universidad de Murcia). Dr. Alonso has taught the pediatrics module for the Master of Chiropractic in the Madrid College of Chiropractic for many years. She frequently teaches seminars to chiropractors and chiropractic students in Spain focusing on pregnancy and pediatrics chiropractic. She is involved in the Pregnancy and Neonatal health group in Vithas Malaga Hospital for more than 15 years. Amaya is a clinical expert in Breast-feeding and Tongue tie. She works with “Anquiloglosia Málaga”, a group of the highest health care specialists in the area (pediatric surgeon, midwife, speech therapists, etc…) that deals with breastfeeding difficulties. She applied her knowledge serving to many thousands of people around the world in her more than 20 mission trips in India, Brasil, El Salvador, Colombia, etc… Amaya is the mother of two wonderful children (3 and 5) and that has taught her more knowledge than any other experience in her life.